Exciting New Courses For The Fall Semester


PSYC 269 – Psychology of Kiwibots

Interested in learning more about the psychology behind the mysterious and elusive Kiwibots? Then take this class to discover what exactly happens in their heads and those who use their services (SPOILER it’s more disturbing than you think).

ECON 343 – The Art of Tax Fraud

Want to learn the complexities of tax fraud? Want to learn how to commit the act of tax fraud? This course will allow you to learn more about this age-old tactic along with providing hands-on experience! Please don’t share any information you may learn with government officials. 

GASL 101 – Introduction to Gaslighting

Feeling like your manipulation skills need some work? This course will teach you how to properly gaslight friends and family around you into believing whatever you want. The truth only goes as far as those who believe it!

REST 310 – Napping Like a Pro

This course teaches you how to nap effectively. You’ll understand the ways to get away with falling asleep in your other courses without the fear of getting caught. Additionally, you will gain experience that will assist you in improving your sleep schedule.