Mask Up In Style!: What Does Your Face Mask Say About You?

2020 has given us a lot of trouble, but one thing it did give us is a new fashion statement: masks. 

To me, masks are the new graphic tees. They are something we have to wear, but we can show off our personality and sense of style through it in some creative, and sometimes hilarious, ways. What does your mask say about your own sense of style? How can you spruce up your own pandemic fashion?

Pattern Masks

Sold black or white masks are boring and are basic (and not in a good way). Spruce up your mask game with some fun patterns! Whether you buy a mask with flowers, butterflies, cars, script, or literally anything under the sun, a simple patterned mask is automatically more fun than a simple mask. These are almost everywhere — from your local drug store to Old Navy and even the HUB desk! There is no shortage of fun patterns and designs to choose from. 


Fandom Masks

Show that you’re a part of your favorite fandoms with your mask! Whether you are repping a book, movie, TV series, or video game that you love, spread your passions with your face mask! Maybe you’ll even find new friends with the same interests as you by showing it off!


Funny Masks

Why not show off your awesome sense of humor with some of these hilarious masks? We all have to wear them, so we might as well get a kick out of doing it and bring a (albeit hidden) smile to someone else’s face!


Glitter Masks

Some of us just love glitter. Shine bright like a diamond with these too-cute-to-resist masks!


Fashion Masks

Fashion masks are now coming into, well, fashion. Some are ornate and embellished, while others are ornately decorated with crystals and beads. Whether you are looking to be extra and fab or to donate some serious cash to a good cause and stay healthy at the same time, these diamonds in the rough could be the ones for you.


Political Statement Masks

Want to show your political opinions with a mask instead of a T-shirt or bumper sticker? Now you can! Mask companies are getting very creative in regards to showing political affiliations, and just maybe one will speak to you.


DIY Masks

And finally, what better way to truly show off your personal style and personality in a one-of-a-kind DIY mask? Whether you show off your style by choosing a fun pattern or hand-embroidering your own designs on your mask, you can make your mask your own by starting from scratch and sewing one yourself. Find a free pattern here and here