MoCo Radio Revived


Maison Allen

Lauren Mateo ’19 hosts her radio show.

A year ago, Moravian College Radio was a faint memory on this campus. The once prominent radio club that has existed here since the late ‘90s had devolved into an unorganized mess with no way of broadcasting.

This semester, co-executives Emily Sangirardi ‘20, a media and communications major, and Lauren Mateo ‘19, computer science, are able to reap the fruits of their labor as MoCo Radio celebrates its first full semester of broadcasting after its reboot.

Last school year, Dr. Joel Nathan Rosen, the advisor of radio club since 2005, was looking for “young and hungry and very creative folk” to take on the arduous task of revitalizing the station, when Sangirardi asked to take over. Although she had leadership and organizational skills, she lacked radio experience, which prompted Rosen to team her up with Mateo, who brought experience and technological knowledge to the table.

“[In the past,] we just lacked those who had what it takes to keep things afloat,” said Rosen. “So getting Emily and Lauren to

The MoCo radio crew takes a break from their work and pose outside of PPHAC.
Emma Miller
The MoCo radio crew takes a break from their work and pose outside of PPHAC.

take the reigns was absolutely essential, and particularly in terms of recruiting and finding ways to encourage both on-air and off-[air] contributors.”

Coming into this school year, the radio station is finally back on its feet and all the kinks from the revival last semester have been worked out.

Last semester was seen as a remodeling project. Now the station has established management, members, and equipment.

Today anyone listening to the station can tune in and enjoy one of 20 different shows, which vary from musical shows like “Liner Notes With Nate” to talk shows like “That’s Important” and everything in between. This semester, Moravian College Radio has 84 members eager to be a part of the reinvigorated station.

Apart from hosting radio shows, the club also works with other clubs and organizations on campus by DJing events. Most recently, you may have noticed a couple members of the station providing Fall Fest with musical entertainment.  

As Moravian College Radio continues to improve, they’re always looking for support from the campus and fresh faces for radio hosts.

“We have been so determined to make MoCo Radio a community in addition to a club,” said Sangirardi. “We are open to all ideas. Even if you don’t want to have your own show, you can still be involved!”

Any student or faculty interested in joining Radio Club should  email the Club at: [email protected]. And be sure to check Moravian College Radio’s Facebook page for the schedule and support the station by listening at