Politatalk: The New Congress

Photo courtesy of Politico

Photo courtesy of Politico

So we have a new Congress……………. Yaaaaaaaaay.

Since elections came to a close in November, I knew we were in for a treat when it came time for the 118th Congress to take over after an embarrassing midterm for Republicans. 

Despite this, I am still taken aback by just how ridiculous these shenanigans have gotten.

To describe this Congress as a circus is to put it lightly. At best, this Congress is being run by a bunch of inept buffoons who don’t have a single clue what they are talking about. At worst, it is being run by a hoard of disgusting monsters who spit in the face of our country’s values.

What’s so wrong? How did we get here? Well, I’ll tell you how. For years the Republican party has been enabling and placating to the worst common denominator of their party and now that their majority is razor thin, these neanderthals have all the power.

Right from the onset, we had to wait nearly an entire week for them to decide on a speaker after 15 votes. To put that into perspective, we haven’t had to move to a second vote for 100 years. This was because a holdout group of 20 republicans refused to vote for Kevin McCarthy and held the house hostage. 

It wasn’t until McCarthy gave in to some of their demands that he was able to secure his speakership. 

Amid this whole firestorm is New York Representative George Santos, AKA Pinocchio’s creepy uncle. This man quite literally is giving Donald Trump’s pathological lying to the test. On the campaign trail, he fabricated his entire resume. He lied about his mother dying in 9/11, where he went to school, that he was Jewish, that he was a volleyball star, that he’s worked with numerous big banks and businesses, and more. He even lied about being a drag queen in Brazil.

I wish I could say I was lying. I wish I could say that this was just a “South Park” episode, but no, this guy lied about his entire life and somehow still got elected. This entire situation is an embarrassment to journalists everywhere, and the people hired to do opposition research were clearly incompetent.

Despite Santos’ nose practically reaching McCarthy’s rear end, the man simply refuses to do anything about the walking-talking fraud of a human being because he values votes more than his integrity. Any self-respecting politician would be ashamed to have Santos in their caucus, but McCarthy will sacrifice democratic principles for votes.

There have been calls from Long Island Republicans for Santos’ resignation but he will not budge. Even the man’s name has been called into question.

Beyond coddling liars and holding the legislature hostage, what else has our new Republican Congress done? They’ve proposed the absolute worst legislation you could possibly imagine.

Firstly, Republicans have tried to replace the federal income tax with a national 30% sales tax. They say it promotes freedom and equality, but it would completely decimate low and middle-class people. Just look at college students who can barely afford anything, to begin with. With this tax, we would be economically crippled as we go into the workforce.

Time and again these daft neanderthals have tried to institute a flat tax similar to this and every time they are shot down because a country simply cannot function by charging both poor people and billionaires the same amount of money. This is not a “Fair Tax,” all this does is break the economic kneecaps of an entire generation. This just lets the rich run off with even more money than before and decimate nearly every social service that has become essential to everyday Americans since the 1940s.

Thankfully this bill wasn’t passed, but it’s legitimately horrifying to think a major party tried championing this bill. This wouldn’t help fix the national debt or inflation. It would obliterate the average person’s financial mobility.

That’s not all though: these donkeys also tried to limit President Biden’s ability to use the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, citing that he only tapped it late last year for political reasons. Thing is, that’s literally what every single government action on planet earth is, political. To say Biden was being devious or shifty by tapping the reserve is just laughable. In a democratic country, you, as a politician, are beholden to the people so every action you do would be for their benefit.

And what was the biggest issue people had before the midterm election? Gas prices! So let’s just use our thinking caps here. If people are mad about gas prices, it’s almost as if the head of the country should try to do something about that. 

To add insult to injury, Biden’s actions actually ended up making the US $4 billion. We sold the oil at higher prices and once the prices went down we bought it back at a lower price. Think of it like a glorified hedge fund. 

This also just shows that the current Republican Party just does not have any real beliefs. They ranted and raved for months about gas and when action was taken to reduce prices, they just got mad because it helped the other party. I don’t care what side of the aisle you are on, if you get mad at a policy decision that benefited everyday Americans because it benefited the other side, you do not serve the American people, you are a partisan hack. 

A true representative of the people would work towards the collective good of the people regardless of which political party it benefits the most.