Moravian’s New Food for You

Another year, another change at Moravian College, and with changes come strong opinions.

Returning students have noticed differences to Moravian’s campus, like the finished Sally Breidegam Miksiewicz Center for Health Sciences building and additional parking spaces. Still, the hot topic seems to be centered around one subject: food.

Students and faculty now have a sushi bar in the Blue and Grey Café and an additional eatery, DeLight’s Café, located in the new Health Sciences building. This year the Blue & Grey opens at 10:30 a.m., instead of 7:00 a.m., and bagels have been moved to the Marketplace. South Campus no longer offers options from Sandella’s in the Root Cellar, which leaves Clewell as the only remaining source of hot food. However, both the Marketplace and Clewell offer grab-and-go options.

The Comenian interviewed students to get their opinion about these and other changes to the dining options. Here’s what they had to say.

Opinions are mostly positive about the new café. The majority of students we interviewed feel the new options are healthier and are happy about the overall food choices. And while some feel the food is too expensive, most others feel the price matches the quality.

“I haven’t eaten [at DeLight’s Café] myself, but a lot of people say they pay $6 for only half a sandwich,” says Gabriella Randazzo, ‘19, who feels the price should fit the meal plans that students choose. “You’re given a certain amount for a Swipe, so you should be able to get food and a drink instead of having to pay extra.”

On the other hand, Sara Weidner ‘18 states, “I love it. I think DeLight’s Café should be open longer, but the food itself is amazing.  It’s real and organic food, not processed. People complain about the [high] prices, I don’t mind, because you’re paying for real food. I’d rather pay $1 more for healthier food than $1 less for crappier food.” Weidner, however, does believe “moving Starbucks was stupid, because the HUB is still the central part of campus,” a sentiment echoed by other students when questioned about Starbucks’ leaving the Blue & Grey.

Almost all students dislike the Blue & Grey’s new opening hours, as well, even though the Marketplace now opens earlier to accommodate breakfast needs.

“I don’t particularly like [the new hours],” says Jonah Arndt ‘19. “Before, I could quickly grab something when I got off the bus. Going to the Marketplace or DeLight’s Café to get grab-and-go meals makes it harder to get something quickly.”

When questioned about Sandella’s departure, along with its hot food, students were divided. Some felt it would be inconvenient for South Campus students, especially in the winter.

“I see it as a negative because South has a limited variety of food,” says Morgan Reiner, ‘19. “I think more students are either not eating or trying to come up here [North Campus] to get different food options.”

Manasseh Edwards, ’19, agrees, contending that “it’ll deter people from wanting to live there. Usually when I had classes [on South Campus], I would go to Sandella’s for a quick snack during breaks. Now I have to eat beforehand. I’m indifferent, but I can see how it would be bad for others.”

On the other hand, says Vaughn Tempesta, ‘19, “Sandella’s being taken away is fine, because it was terrible. The food was hot but terrible. Clewell, however, has gotten significantly better since last year, quality-wise. Right now they’re only doing made-to-order food, so everything isn’t sitting out all day. You walk up to the counter and they make it right there.”  

In regards to other changes, students agreed that Starbucks should move back to the Blue & Grey, and that the Blue & Grey should again open at 7:00 a.m. Many students also agree that the new sushi bar in the Blue & Grey is a nice addition, though they wish a Swipe could be used instead of Dining Dollars.

Reiner says, “I like the sushi, but unfortunately it is Dining. But it is good. Some of the sushi is cheaper than in grocery stores, some is pricier. I only go for the cooked version. There is a lot of rice in one piece, so less rice could be used. But the sushi is definitely a nice touch.”

While some people are disappointed that the grab-and-go yogurt bar was removed from the Blue & Grey, others didn’t notice.

“I know that was a favorite with a lot of people, and I think they should have kept that as an option,” says Randazzo. “You could create your own, which was helpful for those who have allergies.”

Tempesta, however, says he “didn’t see many people using [the bar]” and didn’t like that the yogurt sat out all day. When Weidner was questioned about its removal, she simply said, “It was?”  

Moravian College’s new dining options have satisfied some and disappointed others. But as the number of students grows, the number of options around campus is sure to increase as well.