Our Featured Athlete: Camille McPherson

If you walk through Johnston Hall, there’s a good chance you’ll see Camille McPherson on the basketball court, practicing her shot.

As a transfer student from both the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia and Montclair State University, McPherson came to Moravian for her junior and senior years, earning her bachelor’s degree in political science and solidifying her place in the history books of Moravian Women’s Basketball.

In only two seasons at Moravian, McPherson has received multiple awards for her ability on the court. The one that means the most to her, however, is the Academic All-American award. To earn it, a student-athlete must maintain a 3.30 grade point average, be a sophomore, junior, or senior, and be a starter or significant reserve.

McPherson is the first Moravian women’s basketball player to receive this award.

By working hard to mold herself into an accomplished athlete, she hopes to inspire future generations of women’s basketball players to succeed both athletically and academically.

During the 2016-2017 basketball season, McPherson was frustrated because she didn’t know if after she graduated that spring she would be eligible to play this fall.

With the help of the Moravian athletic staff, McPherson appealed to the NCAA for the right to play on the team as a graduate student. Months later, McPherson got the news: she was eligible to play another year as a Greyhound.

“I had a lot of hope that it would go through, but I didn’t want to get myself too excited and then get let down,” said McPherson. “But I was definitely happy.”

McPherson got her start in basketball as a fifth grader. She remembers playing with her siblings and shooting around with her father. Her passion for the game developed gradually. “The more you play, the more you like it. The more you practice, the better you get — and the more you like it.”

Currently, McPherson is pursuing a master’s degree in business administration (MBA) at Moravian, while also enduring the preseason grind that includes early-morning workouts, pick-ups with the team, and practicing with “The Gun,” a rebounding machine that relays the ball to the shooter.

When asked about her mindset and goals for the fast-approaching season, McPherson answered humbly, “I just feel so lucky to have an extra year to play. But I’ve never won a championship, so that’s my biggest goal. I’ve had every individual award you could ever want, but the only thing missing is the championship.”

With this intense determination, it is clear the upcoming Moravian women’s basketball season will be one worth watching.