MoCo Radio Up and Running

Moravian College’s radio club has been revitalized, and hopes to begin broadcasting before spring break.

The radio has a new e-board, and Emily Sangirardi, one of the co-executive directors, has given The Comenian insights to the radio’s renewal process and new features.

“The previous president graduated and when he did, the whole thing kind of fell apart,” said Sangirardi. “We weren’t able to stream anymore and [the old executive board] had bought a new streaming service that we’re just now starting to learn how to use.”

Listeners can go to to tune in. While the website isn’t live yet and a definitive time hasn’t been set, the club hopes to go live as soon as possible.

Dr. Joel Nathan Rosen, the club’s advisor, was a major asset in rebooting the radio. In order to renew the club, he assisted in contacting all of the old members. Additionally, he and the new club members made new keys for the station and changed the radio’s name from WRMC to MoCo Radio.

Consequently, the executive board [e-board] had to go through all websites and papers associated with the club and either ensure their new logo was applied to them, or delete content associated with the old logo. Sangirardi and Lauren Mateo, a junior computer science major, are co-executive directors. John Gleason is treasurer, Jade Bolds event programmer, and Bryan Lara secretary.

“One day [recently] I asked [Dr. Rosen] a simple question, ‘How’s the radio going?’ He replied, ‘Well, actually…’ and two days later I was the co-executive director with Mateo,” said Sangirardi. “And that’s how I got where I am.”

It was a lengthy process to make all of the changes needed to get the radio club started again. Currently, the radio does not have any featured shows, but the club plans to highlight different musical styles, and eventually hopes to bring in local bands.

“[People can expect to hear] a lot of different genres of music,” said Sangirardi. “From K-pop to mom jeans and some Beatles in-between. And just a lot of variety because our staff has theater, communications, computer science, music, art, and business majors. Anyone is welcome to join.”

As of right now, if someone wants to contact the club, they should email Sangirardi at [email protected], or Mateo at [email protected]. The website is still in the process of being updated.

Additionally, anyone can have a show—there is enough airtime for anyone who wants it. Next spring semester, there will be re-elections for treasurer, secretary, and event coordinator.

“Our long-term goal is to be granted a radio frequency [am or fm radio], which is completely possible,” said Sangirardi. “Our goal is to be the voice of Moravian College and be an outlet for people who want to express their opinions and creativity in all walks of life.”

The club meets Tuesdays at 4 p.m. in the radio room, which is located in the basement of the Haupert Union Building. Email Sangirardi or Mateo to be added to the email list, and keep an eye out for the official show schedule, which will be posted on the radio’s website.

The radio will be a great option for those seeking a creative outlet and for those looking for a resume boost. Welcome back MoCo Radio!