The Untold History of Mo, Moravian’s Marvelous Mascot

The Untold History of Mo, Moravians Marvelous Mascot

If you are a Moravian student, you know about Mo the gracious greyhound. What you may not know is the story behind this important doggo. His story is one of tragedy and triumph and one that will inspire anyone who is graced to hear it.


Mo was created in a blinding light by four deities who descended from the heavens onto Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.


Mo is found starved and living off of the streets by a secret force operating in the shadows. His pure, raw skill is immediately recognized and he is inducted into an organization known only as The Society.


After extensive training, Mo’s first mission involves stealing a priceless artifact from Buckingham Palace. Mo traveled to the city of Sarajevo to meet a dealer who would sell him the map of the palace for his mission. The deal took place in a big crowd so as not to draw suspicion. Mo was told by the society to destroy the dealer as not to leave any evidence, so Mo rigged an explosive to the dealer that went off. Mo escaped in the panic that followed, using the map to successfully complete his mission. 


Mo has quickly become one of the most feared and respected assassins on the globe earning himself the nickname, Azreal, the Angel of Death. He toppled governments, killed important figures, and struck fear in the hearts of all who whispered his name.


After fighting his way through the German lines by himself, Mo finally reaches Berlin. Thanks to his efforts, Allied forces in both the west and the east were able to achieve victory without ever knowing who was behind their victories. He infiltrates the bunker of Adolf Hitler and quickly dispatches him before he can escape.


Mo was instructed by The Society to make sure the moon landing was successful.


Mo exposes Nixon’s Watergate scandal to the American public, destroying much of the people’s trust.


After completing countless missions and controlling the world from the shadows, Mo decides to hang up his suit and retire to his hometown of Bethlehem.


After the collapse of the USSR, The Society is thrown into disarray and comes to the brink of civil war. A rouge sector of assassins breaks into Mo’s house and dognap his best friend Benny to silence him for the years of work he did for both sides of the Cold War


After over a decade of systematically dismantling the society bit by bit, it finally collapses after Mo kills the last executive member. Because of this though, Mo now has a worldwide bounty in the millions and the world of assassin puppies are coming to collect.


Mo and Benny are known throughout the assassin world world as harbingers of death, traveling around and getting rid of any remnants of the society still left behind. After the final members are killed, a tired Mo and Benny return to their home in Bethlehem only to find their house now a part of Moravian College.


Mo and Benny remain as the mascots for the now Moravian University, under the care of its president Bryon Grigsby.