Post St. Patty’s Day Rant of the Week: Stop the Group Gatherings


The email from President Gigsby urging students to stay in on St. Patrick’s Day, threatening those who do go out with police action.

St. Patty’s Day weekend is one of the most anticipated events each year because it is a sign that warmer days are on their way and the school year is almost over. 

During this weekend, people tend to get a little rebellious and not follow the rules. Hey, we’re college students and we like to blow off some steam. Yes, even I, a goodie-two-shoes, would have been one of those students this year at the annual block party, just to watch how people make fools of themselves. 

This year, however, was completely different. 

Many students on campus, myself included, did not take this virus situation too seriously until it hit our neck of the woods here in the Lehigh Valley. When President Grigsby sent out his original email about advising students to not participate in large social gatherings, not many students paid it any mind. 

Throughout the week with his updated emails, I began to agree with him that gatherings should not take place, especially because we had just been notified that Northampton County had its first confirmed case of COVID-19. 

By Friday evening, the campus was quiet. When my dad picked me up, there were three other students outside, two of whom were also packing their cars to go home. I thought, “Hey, maybe the people staying on campus are taking this situation seriously.” Boy, was I wrong! 

On Saturday, I woke up and saw multiple Snapchat and Instagram stories about parties still happening on Moravian’s campus and at other larger schools like Temple University. Students from Moravian were captioning their posts with “#Coronacantstopus,” “social distancing who?” and “#Grigsbycantstopus.” 


If there is one thing that really grinds my gears about my generation, it is the deliberate disrespect and blatant disregard of advisories and requests from authorities when it comes to the health and well-being of others in the community. 

I absolutely despise that people still got together over the weekend before St. Patrick’s Day. What ticks me off even more is that we were notified of possible cases on our campus, but people still got together or went out to the bars to celebrate with others from the community. 

It was completely irresponsible of those who partied last weekend. The students who chose to ignore the warnings and requests of the president and those in the medical field are making things worse for the rest of us who are choosing to cooperate.

Moravian’s student body consists of roughly 2,000 students, which is even smaller than the local high school in the area. That means germs and illness can spread like wildfire because we are in a smaller, more compact area and we can’t walk past more than 10 people without knowing at least a third of them. 

I understand that people are unsettled by the situation. I would be lying if I said that I haven’t been upset or angry either. I am missing out on the second half of my junior year with my best friends, some of whom are graduating at the end of this year. But you do not see me going out and ignoring the medical professionals’ advice because I want to have a fun night or weekend.

With that in mind, quarantining yourself, even if you are not sick, is a good idea. Even if you are not experiencing symptoms yourself, you can be transmitting the virus to someone else– someone who might not be as healthy as you are. Please stay healthy, everyone!